My Wonderful Mascot – Hope D Super-Turtle

After being diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer in November 2012, the treatment side effects began to kick in and I was indeed struggling with severe night sweats.

There was a standing joke was that I had created a turtle blanket!!!. Arms and legs in, out, in, out !!!   You get the picture.

I slowly became the the constant source of jokes and giggles (all well meaning – nothing mean and nasty) about how slow I was as I got up and down and how they would race me to the door !!!! all whilst they walked backwards.

Pretty soon I began to use “Turtle Power” I am slow but will never ever stop !!.  I wanted to encompass my daily challenges into something and after looking at pictures until I could not find anymore, finally decided to learn Photoshop with the help of a wacom board (I am still very (did I say very) early in my learning) and after a book of drawings then the transfer to computer, I finally had my turtle (thank you to my son for teaching me and his wonderful patience)

Of course she had to be a super turtle – hence the cape. Pink – She loves pink way more than I do. A bald head – of course Cheeky look and a determination that just shows through – yes. She may not be perfect in the world of drawing but she is my mascot and I love her. I finally called her Hope, because there is ALWAYS hope. Middle initial D because I truly believe that Vitamin D is the unsung hero that just keeps we just keep finding things it assists our bodies with and should never be underestimated. So here stands Hope D Super-Turtle –  corny maybe but she totally gets me!!! – Sharon

P1nk66 Mascot_Left Face no bg

I May Be Slow, But I will NEVER EVER stop


11/11/2004BT (Before Turtle) Diagnosed with Early Breast Cancer

07/11/2012JBT (Just Before Turtle) – Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer – Bones, lung, ovaries, nodes

22/07/2014AT (After Turtle) – Diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer that is now having a Party in the Liver – Damn those Squatters


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