Don’t Wait – Do It NOW List (or No Buckets Here!)

Putting my Squatters aside in their very own little box and ignoring them for just a bit, I have seriously been trying to start my Don’t Wait – Do It Now List for the longest time. But since I have always placed me at the very bottom of all lists then it has been rather hard to get sorted. I do not regret my previous decisions as they were all made at the time and I chose my path but if I could indeed change just one thing it would be that I took just a little more time to be with family and friends and not work as extra long and extra hard. I could just never see the forest for the trees.

Planning and hoping is one thing but making it happen is totally another.  I am even contemplating using my diary to pre-plan some of these items just to make sure they happen (concerts will be tricky as you never know when they are coming to Oz ).  I will use my resources wisely and stretch it all out to fit in as much as I can..

I cannot decide if having such a large list is a good or bad thing.  It is good because it could take forever to get through it all. It is bad because it could take forever to get through it all.!!   Where I can tick something off I will not say no or put it off or hesitate. I will just jump in feet first.

Boring things for others that mean heaps to me:

Plan the best 50th birthday ever – roll on 2016 – IT’S HERE AND IT IS A MONTH OF CELEBRATIONS

Look and Feel Fabulous with a bit of spit and polish..  chemo and treatments are anti this LOL and getting harder to achieve with every treatment

House and Garden

We began building our house way back in November 2002 (yes, November yet again..  certainly a significant month in our lives).  We have been trying to finish it ever since.. We are so very close.

Finish the gardens so that I only have to maintain them and not spend too much time trying to keep them alive and happy
– watering systems – slowly getting there..  2 more garden beds completed
– finish planting and then mulch
Paint the house (ok that can sooo wait but it will need doing sooner or later)
Transform our rumpus room into our main living area  ALMOST FINISHED – Just getting the pictures on the walls
Somehow fix the timber floors where we now have lovely black presents compliments of Scrappy (we forgive him, he is a rescue dog and did not understand what outside was for)

Performers that I totally MUST see:

Michael Buble, Norah JonesTina Arena, Jon Bon Jovi

Places that I have always wanted to go but never had the time or money (mmm maybe still don’t have the money but won’t stop me listing them!):

Sydney (drove through it once !!!) – Must Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge and see the Opera House
Darwin and Kakadu – On the immediate horizon..  Come on Xeloda… Do your thing!!!!
A Queensland island, Townsville adventure and Brisbane Adventure
Perth and Broome – yes, I have my eye on you too!!!!!
The Kimberley (way expensive, but a girl can dream) – Would totally love to see the Kimberleys but sooooo far out of my price range that it is just a dream but never hurts to put it on the list.. Just in case !!!
Northern NSW
South Australian Coast and surrounds – Kangaroo Island
discover my state and all it has to offer with overnight trips

Things that are out there but I really WANT to do:

Dive with Great White Sharks

This is something that I have wanted to undertake ever since I came face to face with a small Bronze Whaler whilst doing a drift dive at the Port Phillip Heads.  I do not know how yet but I will do this!!

Ticked off the List

Get my camera gear sorted and start taking pictures!!!! because pictures mean going on adventures CAMERA SORTED –  ADVENTURES PLANNED
bluestone garden boarders   – DONE !!!!!!
– Neerim South and surroundsMagnificent – I will go back there – have indeed been back there !!!  Just wonderful
Port Douglas and surrounds  Flights BOOKED !!!  Accommodation BOOKED!!!!! – DONE DONE DONE !!  Take THAT squatters!!!!


3 thoughts on “Don’t Wait – Do It NOW List (or No Buckets Here!)

  1. OK, a lovely start to doing things on my list.. My wonderful and multi-skilled husband and I have been working in the garden.. All the bluestones are now in place (yay – 11 years in the making) and I am now planting, arranging watering systems and then it will be mulch time.. I then get to watch it all grow.. Everyday my garden is looking more and more lovely.


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