Living Through Secondary Cancer

Never Give Up

“I have never asked myself “Why Me?” I always figured that all things considered the question was more likely to be Why Not Me?”

My journey in life has taken another twist that I was totally not expecting. Almost nine years ago I was diagnosed with Early Breast Cancer and after being chopped up, poisoned, radiated and then finally given little white tablets to help keep it away I thought I was out of the woods. Every year at my check up, the all clear was given and slowly I became less and less bothered by the possibility and just got on with my life. But almost on my 8th anniversary – to the day I was diagnosed almost by accident with Metastatic Breast Cancer.   I have a nasty chest infection, with not so awesome cough which in turn caused a cracked rib to thank for being found out.

For that I am thankful as otherwise it would have been still been hosting a bunch of little guys that were not paying the rent and having parties all the time and inviting their mates over to stay and not leave.

I have decided that writing about things that become lodged in my head are a good thing and it is always better out than in LOL.  So much has happened to me in the past nine months and I don’t just mean chemo. I have changed and I am becoming a new and better person on the inside.  This blog will help to document my battle that is totally “Turtle Powered” on my way through my healing and beyond.

Turtle Powered?  I hear you ask. Well everything is slow and it is a steady and deliberate movement forward to improvement in my body, mind and spirit and with all the hurdles in the way it takes a Super Turtle to get there.  The one thing I have found already is that it is not really all about the disease (as much as I am working overtime to rid my body of it every minute of my day) but it is about the things that were before, the things now and the things in the future that are going to make all the difference.


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