It All Starts Here – A “Not So” Fairytale

By now, if you have read any of my blogging, you will know that I am living with Advanced Breast Cancer. I don’t always want to be the ‘serious’ one. So, here is a little slant on my story.   It is my attempt to tackle a rather serious issue with an ongoing sense of humour. Why ??  well because a good laugh never hurt anyone..  Oh, well actually, when you have a cracked rib it may hurt a bit !!  So be warned, all those with cracked ribs, take extra care before making a cuppa and having a read.

It is also an open-ended story as it is by no means over or finished and I am hoping that I will be writing and adding to it for a couple more decades yet.

So, I welcome you to my story…………….

The “Not So” Fairytale of
the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants !


Introduction (and explanation of the characters)

Chapter One – In the Beginning

Chapter Two – And Then

Chapter Three – Stay Calm People

Chapter Four – Barriers at the Ready

Chapter Five – Hang on, How Did That Happen ?

Chapter Six – Quarantine For All And Sundry


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