Today I am Lucky Enough to Turn 50

There was a time that I figured that I would live to see 80. After all, I was young, fit, active and optimistic. 80 seemed like a good number to aim for. That was before I adopted my squatters.

There was a time that I did not really think about my age much at all. I have never figured out how you are meant to ‘feel’ when you have a certain number attached to your name.

Even as I sit here today on the 8th June and the number 50 is now firmly associated with who I am, I don’t think too much about what it is meant to look or feel like.  I am here and I am living and that is the most important thing.

I am horrified as to how long it has been since I wrote a post but it has indeed been a tricky few months with non cancer related (but intertwined no doubt) medical speed humps.  I am grateful that I seem to be on the improve and am once again able to write. I need to write. I want to write. To express myself through the keyboard helps me so very much.  Equally, my camera is like a meditation, I have missed it too. But not for much longer.

All too often I listen to people going on about getting older and how they want to be young forever. Nice thought!!!  Age is truly just a number and you must embrace it with all your heart and just live. That is the point. Living and experiencing life is what we are here to do. We are born, we live, if we are lucky we get older and we will all at some point die. It is not getting to the destination that counts but what we do along the way.

So to those who cringe at yet another number being associated with your life. Stop and think………….

the choice is really quite simple – door number 1 – embrace it and enjoy your life  door number 2 – arrange someone to place you six feet under so you cannot add anymore numbers (not very practical really!!!)

I say, don’t be a party pooper..  Embrace your life no matter what it brings and be grateful with what every day brings because all too soon it will be a but a memory.


So happy birthday to me!!!  turning 50 was the very first thing I decided to do when on the 7th November 2012 I was told that I had Secondary Breast Cancer. It is right there on my list on my list, right at the top. Officially I have been living with Secondary Breast Cancer for 1310 days ( no I am not counting but did look it up just for the exercise). Probably it was there for quite a while before my body gave up it’s dark secret but we will never really know the exact time line.

I look towards turning 55 but I think I will break that down to turning 51 then 52 then 53 then 54 and then 55.  I also have decided that turning 60 would be awesome as I would get a seniors card!!!  I still cannot imagine me as a middle aged woman turning into a senior. Some days I feel 90 and others I feel 21 all over again. It is always a surprise to which one it is going to be.

On my  list there has not been much movement I am afraid. But I hope to get some of those things ticked off really really soon. I have booked tickets to see David Straussman and am close to jetting off to Darwin and Kakadu and if I am seriously lucky, Broome too.  Fingers and toes crossed.




4 thoughts on “Today I am Lucky Enough to Turn 50

  1. Happy Birthday. Welcome to the 50 club. I love what you have to share with the world.

    There was a time when I was frightened of getting old, growing old alone. Now I fear not getting a chance to get there. So yes, let’s live each day rhe best way we can.


  2. Sharon, happy 50th birthday! I love this post; I love the way you embrace life and seize it with passion. It’s true that so many people complain about getting older, which is truly a privilege denied to many people. Since cancer, I have appreciated every one of my birthdays.


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