Experience Life, do not just exist through it …….

One word can sometimes inspire you to just write.

Today is that day……..  ‘Object’


I am still doing OK and still moving forward, I still have choices and things to try and I live with hope in my heart that there is still more time on my horizon than not. My team of Health Care Professionals and I work very hard on this and I have faith that everything that is being done is my best course of action.

I continue to be involved in a daily regime trying to keep my body upright and moving forward and allowing my medication to do what it can for as long as it can. All this while trying to balance a quality of life so I can create awesome memories and fantastic experiences that will last those I share them with a lifetime.

It is something that I understand to be far more important than many things in life because in the end it is those who are closest to you that will be left behind once you are gone. The will have only the memories and experiences of time with you to hold a warm place in their hearts and mind. A comforting warmth that will in time override the sadness of the loss.

The ‘object’ of my post is not so much about me (well OK it may be just a little) but it is a wake up call to all that will listen.

DO NOT wait until a huge event like a chronic or terminal illness hits arrives at your door.

DO NOT wait until you find yourself in a life altering accident.

The tip of the day is DO NOT wait.

The past is the past and no matter how many times you go over it, you can NEVER change it, so just LET IT GO. Let it be in your past.

Design your future but live for today as tomorrow is not promised.

Experience Life, do not just exist through it.

Live within your means but enjoy time with those you love and care for.

To anyone who will listen I send warm and comforting hugs your way and hope you indeed find your ‘Happy Place’

(mine is found behind my camera – looking through the lens, but it goes without saying that spending time with family and friends is also right up there)

Daily Post – One word prompt ‘Object’






7 thoughts on “Experience Life, do not just exist through it …….

  1. this is so true. I find peace & enjoyment walking along the beach with the sand between my toes & the waves lapping around my ankles, and a friend or love one by my side.

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