Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 37

Day 37 – Better Late Than Never

Well it seems I spent way longer under the radar than expected! Damn you chemo side effects!!!..

Ringing in my ears is the “it is a relatively easy chemo to tolerate”. Well I am hoping that in the next couple of cycles that we can ‘tweak’ it and sort it out to be exactly that.

I am certainly grateful that even though I have been unwell the closest that I have got to the Acacia Ward in the hospital has been a quick visit to my GP with a call to the oncologist to see what I am to do next. I may have been battling with the side effects but it is actually a win for me not to end up in hospital after my initial chemo dose.

This is hopefully different as I can stop and start when I need to (not totally ideal though as the squatters will try to play up). But it does give me some flexibility that the single infusion does not as once it is in, it is in and roll the dice to see what it brings.

I was instructed to not start my next course until I am 100% happy that the side effects have been solved. The 1st was not my start day and I ended up starting on the 2nd.  So far so good with exception of the brick wall that I hit unexpectedly each day at different times where I must sleep. It is actually funny and it even feels as if I could sleep standing up it is that quick and sudden!!!!

After keeping a journal of what happened when, I have shifted the ‘helpers’ around just a little and spread them all out over a longer time of the day hoping this will help my body cope just that little bit better..  But for now it is still just a roll of the dice to see where I end up.

It never ceases to amaze me that when my hubby is off work and ready to head away for a holiday that my squatters and their arch enemy treatment side effects seem to step in and mess it all up. Three years running now!!

Well squatters, I am putting you on notice as 2016 will be different. No more planning too far ahead and will be sneaking up on them with a “I feel OK, lets go away for the weekend”.. Can’t lose with that plan.. Especially if my 21 day cycle becomes reasonably standard then it will take the guess work out of it..

Fingers crossed!!!!!!

So I will indeed sit down and work backwards and finish my missing days but for now this will have to do.

I am wishing you all a safe evening and hope that 2016 brings amazing and wonderful things into your life

I have been so ‘off’ that I have not even been out and about with my camera!!!! it is a travesty, of this I am sure.. But I did capture this back on the 17th in my yard. I just love the rainbow in the web.. amazing!!!









4 thoughts on “Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 37

    1. Hi Sonja, I am just turtling along the best I can right now and trying so hard to tweak things so I can coast just that little bit better.. I have photos to take and places to go and Auroras to chase!!!!


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