Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 20

Day 20 – Amazingly Thankful

It is a strange phenomenon when you are trying your hardest to de-clutter and spring clean the house and you find yourself bringing in furniture. I am running with the rule “if if has not been used for 12 months, it goes”. Vinnies are going to love me. I have 30 years + of collecting things that ‘may come in handy one day’. Well no more. It needs to go!!

It seems to defy logic but really it makes sense……..
Well it does to me anyway. I have been storing things in boxes and places that I can never find them when I need to. I have been finding it ‘clunky’ when I cast an eye around the place. It is time to finish the original vision of how my place should appear.

There are a few things I have been searching for and it seems I have been searching for the longest time. 2 pieces especially that are both awesome and frankly, cheap.

Well as I seem to make more mess as I de-clutter I have had 2 awesome friends who as they were going about their business found one piece each and sent me pics on my phone.

A side board, from 1926 and made from cedar and local and at a fantastic price – I have never been so happy to get a call at 10:40pm at night that once I discovered that nothing was wrong! – Thank you Justine.

A mirror for my room. Strangely, when we built 14 years ago, it was never something that we were going to build into my bedroom as the walk in robe did not have the space for a mirror. So for this whole time I have been heading for the spare room or my son’s room to use the mirror. Finally, I decided that it was time and today there was a message with a colonial mirror, once again for a nice price – thank you Simone.

So I am thankful that slowly but surely I am de-cluttering my home and at the very same time I have ‘furniture hunters’ out and about helping me to finish turning my house into a home.

It is a win -win situation






One thought on “Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 20

  1. How strange, I have a side board in my home in Perth almost exactly the same. It is from the same period except it is apparently made from Sheoak. The front of the drawers are flat rather than curved and it still has the linen drawer underneath – check for runners underneath, yours may have once had this large shallow drawer for table clothes. Otherwise dresser twins. I am enjoying a Love and Living mini break with my teens in Bali until Friday. When I get home I’ll send a photo. Take care.
    Anne (annelou on BCNA)


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