Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 13

Day 13 – Compassion and Empathy

Judgement of others comes far to easily to some. It is a wonderful thing when you can feel for others when they are going through tough times. It is even more amazing when you find yourself in the situation to help out and make a difference. Something truly small to you can be amazingly huge and important to the recipient of your kindness.

Now, why did I decide on this today? Well it is a little off topic and is indeed sad and disappointing.

I will not comment on the actual subject of the post with exception of how sad the Government think it is OK to stop funding what a young woman who has had a double lung transplant due to cystic fibrosis is.

That is not why this post is happening. It is some of the comments that have come after it.

Why do people think they have the right to hijack a post and stand on their little soapbox dictating how it is all our own fault that we become ill and that it is the way we live that causes the problem and that we should not be funded when disease hits us..

One person even goes so far as to say the Medicare should be stopped and that the funds directed into healthy food and products.

It must be an amazing feeling to be so very righteous and knowledgeable about the way the world should be organised..

Really??? Really???

If you want to debate what we eat and how we eat it and what is in it.. Start your own post.. Do not hijack a post that is a cry for both assistance and awareness.

I am sure that there are numerous people that spend their day delighting in upsetting posts and the people who comment on them and that is in a nutshell what is wrong with social media.. It is the anti-social, rude, uncalled for and bullying tactics that make it so very sad and disappointing.

If only they could use their ‘talents’ for good and not evil.

I almost did not wish to add the link as I do not wish to add any oxygen to the post that it does not deserve. But this kind of behaviour seems all to common these days..  so very sad

via FB – Front Page Cairns Post






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