Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 11

Day 11 – Thankful For Natures Light Shows

It was certainly time to get the camera out and wander about the place. This location was actually ‘Plan B’ and I am so very grateful that we (hubby and I) made it here.

We had planned to stop off at the Frankston Pier after collecting his new reading glasses but he car park was packed and there were people everywhere. The weather being a toasty 31 deg Celsius brings out many people to the water.

It was all too hard and so ‘Plan B’ was put into action. We would head home the long way! via Mornington. It worked out really well as I actually needed to get diesel anyway and it was the cheapest price in Mornington.

Sunnyside beach is a quiet little place at the end of a very exclusive little road. It was lovely pottering around with the sand between my toes and not too many other people about.

In the beginning the sky was showing little or no indication that the sunset was going to be anything but a fizzer. Then it began and I could not stop watching the amazing light changes and cloud formations and how they seemed to light up and dance around the sky.

It was actually difficult to leave and head for home.







One thought on “Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 11

  1. Beautiful photos. I always love a good sunset. I follow someone on Facebook called the Kayakcameraman, who paddles & photgraphs scenes on & around Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra. He photographs a lot of sunrises, but much as I love them, it’s sunset that’s often the most magical for me.
    Take care, Lyn


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