Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 8 & 9

Day 8 & 9 – Life and Living


Peace and Happiness


You will have to forgive me for missing a couple of days.

I thought a lot about popping online and writing but it has been a tricky week with tests and appointments and they finally just caught up with me. As you know I was waiting for results of my CT scan and latest blood test.  Well they were both good and not so good.

They were good because apparently I have a brain!!!  who knew and there are no little friends hiding up there.. Excellent. Seems the little dizzy spells and vertigo I have been suffering from are a direct result of a virus, chesty cough and higher than normal blood pressure..  Yay, simple and normal things!!!!

Because the cough is dry and non productive the docs did take a good look at the lung pics..  Whoo Hoo all clear too..

Then there are my bones..  They seem the same but CT’s are not really the best for showing small changes, that is left to a bone scan. But since I am living with Stage IV breast cancer we only scan as we need to interrogate the squatters to see where they could be doing the most damage. Today, bones are not it but I know my bone squatters are not really playing nice. I really think they need a holiday away from me!

So what does that leave, well it leaves my liver squatters.  mmm  I cannot say I was surprised to find that the largest one has increased in size just a bit and that he may have invited a couple of new little friends over to stay. All the preparation in the world and knowing that for six weeks I have been on zero mediation to slow them down and also that the previous blood test indicated very strongly that they may have been on the move really prepares you for the actual result..

It is always a kick in the guts or liver as the case may be.  It always takes me a few days to shake it off and get back up off the floor.  But I always do.

I see that I have zero choice in the matter. I am still here and still very much alive and have lots to experience, and get done while making memories with and for my family and friends.  Besides, who would write my blog posts?

So where to from here?

My onlologist and I had a long talk and I will be starting chemotherapy again next Friday as I have things to do in the next week. Appointments, a Christmas Lunch and catch up and my 27th Wedding Anniversary. Who wants to be bedding in a new chemo tablet while all that is going on?

I will be starting on a drug called Xeloda. It is the next drug in my never ending line of scan – treat – repeat. I have hope that it will hold my squatters at bay and assist me to retain a quality of life so I can continue to at least attempt some of the items on my “Just Do It List”.

So fingers and toes crossed and that the drug does some serious damage to the squatters..Yes, I am vicious like that.  I dislike squatters immensely!




3 thoughts on “Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 8 & 9

  1. I am not fond of squatters either, kick their butts hard. All the very best with your treatment, good luck with your ‘ do it list’. You are a trooper, I admire your attitude and your resilience. Just keep swimming xx


  2. Hi Sharon, I’m sure the Xeloda will scare those squatters away. I was on Xeloda for about 18 months & it wasn’t that bad. I was well enough to get away for short holidays. Enjoy your Christmas lunch & your anniversary. Just enjoy life, & do things that you love to do. Love Wendy h67


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