Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 7

Day 7 – Gratitude, Love and Living



Today is a day of quiet reflection – I am currently waiting for the results of my latest scans. I have enough of them and should really be getting as comfortable as possible with them..  Sadly, this is not always the case.  Sometimes your mind runs away with the what if……..

So today I am reinforcing my belief and understanding as written above.

  • No amount of worry can change the outcome of a test or scan – I can imagine the worst possible scenario but right now it is an unknown entity
  • No matter what, I will deal with it as it comes
  • It could be bad….  but equally, it could be good..  Right now only the Radiographer knows the answer and I am not on his speed dial
  • A sense of humour is paramount in dealing with squatters and mine is slowly returning
  • At the end of the day…. ” It is what it is..  end of story”

It is not the problem that defines you but how you deal with it that can make the difference to how you feel. Cancer is just a diagnosis – a rather intense one that takes much of my time but it is not my whole life…   only a part of it..

I am grateful for each day that I find myself waking up. Each day as things change I just do what I need to do to keep on moving forward and enjoying the day and what it may bring






7 thoughts on “Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 7

  1. It is what it is. My catch phrase these days. I love reading your posts, & simple as this one is, I still find I t inspirational.
    Take care, thinking of you as you wait, Lyn

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  2. Sharon, I know they say that worrying is a waste of energy.( It may never happen), is also what I hear, but it is hard not to worry. Just try to stay strong, whatever the outcome. Will be thinking of you with fingers crossed. Love Wendy h 67

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    1. I use the analogy of ‘tea’.. Allow a negative thought or worry to visit and stay for a cup of tea. Allow it to stay overnight if it is persistent but then do you best to kick it out before breakfast the next morning.. (but I am the first to admit, it does not always work LOL)


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