Gratitude, Love and Living – Day 2

Day 2 – Love

I am so very lucky to have two wonderful dogs.

They never question my mood or how I look or am dressed. On a day with challenges, they just seem to know and come up for even more hugs than usual and they always make me feel good.  On days when I am quite unwell, they will not leave my side and have been known to box me in as I lay in bed. They give their love unconditionally and are always there like little shadows as I potter about the place. They are typical ‘staffies’ and are part of the family. Not just dogs, family.

Katie has been with the family now for almost 11 years. In fact, she was born on the day my hair first fell out on 26th January 2005 – Australia Day.

She is best described as a ‘hairy legged human’ and best of all, she totally believes it too.


When it was decided that Katie needed a friend, it was Stafford Rescue Victoria who were happy to help.  We invited Scrappy into our home. He was three and had spent most of his life in a small garden shed and even though he was lovable, he needed to be taught the manners and etiquette of living inside. A challenge but one that was eventually accomplished. Scrappy has not long turned 9 1/2.

It took a while but now I am sure that Scrappy could not imagine his old life and enjoys this new comfy lifestyle. The two of them together are amusing to watch.

I am so very lucky to have two amazing little dogs that love unconditionally and I cannot imagine life without them.



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