Native Blue Banded Bee and Friends

Come on Over and check out my little friends. Going about their business in my front garden.. How I love to capture them with my camera. (Still working away without a macro lens for now)

Turtle Surprises

I do not own a macro lens so make do with my 14-150 (28-300 in DSLR land) and crop it in.. so far so good but I know that having a 2.8f stop lens would be even more amazing. My aim is still to have a totally crisp and in flight bee or 10!!!

The blue banded bees are here in my garden this year in large numbers.. So far I have counted around 8!!! I have come a long way from 1 last year. I know they live underground but as yet have not located their home. They are so very hard shoot as they never really keep still. Even harder than the normal honey bees.. But that is indeed the challenge. The other little guys, a bee, a spider and a fly.. Just love wandering about in my garden

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