The Mixed Emotions of October

October always brings up a mix of emotions in my world.

I am living with and not waiting to die from Secondary (incurable) Breast Cancer.
I am taking toxic but useful drugs each and every day that are used to try and attain a “stable” status where it is neither growing or shrinking (I like shrinking much better but it is not always the case) the status can change between smaller / inactive to stable to progression at anytime and a treatment that works for one may do nothing for the next person.

The trick is to balance what the cancer is doing to me ‘v’ what the medications are doing to me. ┬áIt must be going OK because “I look so well”….. Well that would be an awesome indicator if my insides would pay attention and follow the outside.

With the level of toxicity and side effects that treatment brings, this disease is nowhere near to becoming a chronic disease yet.. All too often the treatment side effects do way more damage than you would think..

Perhaps my cancer will get the message and just go away? Wishing and Hoping will never be enough for that to happen. I live the best life I can and it is not the life I was living before but each day is what it is and I try to make them all special in some way. The hardest thing is to sit and watch as beautiful women from my support group pass and leave so many grieving people behind.

Breast Cancer Awareness is not awareness that breast cancer exists it is about what we know about it, what we do not know about it and how we can best deal with it.

An easy cancer? Not so deadly? Overrated and Over Funded?

The answer to all three of these questions, is no. Just no..

In Australia in 2015 it is expected that 15,600 women and 145 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer. This year family and friends will say goodbye to around 3,000 who will be taken by Secondary Breast Cancer.

Of the 15,745 whether it be at first diagnosis or months or years later around 20-25% of these people will hear the words, your cancer has spread and we cannot cure you.

If you consider 15,745 newly diagnosed cases and they have two family members and two friends and two work colleagues that means that this year alone over 110,000 people will be touched by breast cancer. This very conservative estimate alone shows why there is power in pink.

The trick is to use the power wisely….. that is where the arguments begin



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