Research Cannot Survive Without Awareness

Research Cannot Survive Without Awareness as awareness in all it’s shades of Pink are what fill the void while we wait to find more answers than questions.

I will never say **** awareness, just find a cure – Why?

Don’t I want ‘a’ cure? ……
Don’t be stupid….
It is the holy grail for all cancers and I would welcome it with open arms..

Picture2Because breast cancer is a complex group of diseases with so many different combinations there will never be just one answer.

There needs to be many specific and targeted treatments and it takes time – unfortunately too much time. If it was easy, the ‘credible’ answers would already have been found.

Research is key and funds needed sometimes seem to end up making only small and not huge discoveries. Each discovery is another piece of the puzzle that is then solved. We live in hope that the researchers of the world will come forward with ideas that can become reality – without them, funding is pointless.

I see research in a simplistic way having four basic tiers

  1. To find how to stop breast cancer before it begins
  2. If it does begin, to find the ways to stop it from progressing
  3. If it does progress, find the ways to stop it from taking any more lives

    By searching for the answers above, the fourth tier comes into its own – especially if you have undergone treatment for cancer or watched someone go through it.

  4. To find ways to minimise the toxic impact of treatments on the body so a better quality of life can be maintained
    (this is so very important as we are living now, not in the future)

From these four basic tiers then you need to add in the numerous combinations of breast cancer types and the way it reacts in each individual body. This then becomes an exponentially larger labyrinth of tiers and tears.

So, in the time it is taking to find the answers what is it that sits in the huge gap?

  1. Thousands upon thousands of people who are being touched by breast cancer right now and today.
  2. Understanding that you are never too young to get breast cancer.
  3. Never be satisfied with ‘I don’t think it is anything to worry about’. Be satisfied when you have proof to back that statement up.
  4. Know that 9 out of 10 lumps and changes are NOT breast cancer – still leaves the 1 out of 10 that is.
  5. Making sure you have been taught correctly how to do a breast self examination and know all the signs to look for (no it is not just like a pea – there are around a dozen changes we need to look out for).
  6. Understand that mammograms play an important part in the whole process.
  7. Supporting men and women through diagnosis and treatment and then still be there when the roller coaster stops and spits you out. The experience does not end with treatment.
  8. Have credible, reliable and helpful information available so anyone can find a better understanding as and when it is needed.


The puzzle above shows a great example of a working partnership with four individual organisations

McGrath Foundation
Concentrate on Breast Care Nurses and Educating Young Women on Breast Awareness
A leading research organisation working towards stopping deaths, prevention and cure
Cancer Australia
A Government organisation ensuring an evidence based approach to Cancer Care BCNA
Who Support, Inform, Represent and Connect those affected by breast cancer


I am a breast cancer advocate and I just happen to be living with secondary breast cancer. I will NEVER stop trying to educate people because until the holy grail is found education, information, screening and support are the best weapons we have, like it or not.

Awareness is far more than saving the tatas, taking off your bra, buying something pink or playing word games on social media. There is always room for the light side of awareness but not at the expense of what is truly important.


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