Just Outside The Door

I have started a “Turtle Surprises” page where my view at the world through my camera

Turtle Surprises

Welcome to the rainbow that is my garden.

These shots were taken as Summer was drawing to a close and the feel of Autumn was beginning to make itself known.  Looking on these pictures now makes me smile and it is lovely to know that it will not be long before Summer will return.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Roy G Biv

Iris in the pond Iris in the pond

Native Bee Enjoying Lunch Native Bee Enjoying Lunch

Makybe Diva Rose Makybe Diva Rose

Party of Colour Party of Colour

Correa Correa

Grasses on Pond Grasses on Pond

See Me Here - You cannot hide Mr Ant See Me Here – You cannot hide Mr Ant

Birthday Candles Banksia Birthday Candles Banksia

Delicate Camelia Delicate Camelia

Rosemary with a friend Rosemary with a friend

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