I Wish, I Hope, I Know….

I Wish…… that

– there was no need to speak about Breast Cancer at all.

– Breast Cancer did not exist and will touch just over 15,000 women and 125 men in Australia this year alone.

– around 20% of these people would never go on to develop Secondary Breast Cancer which cannot be cured.

– no-one ever had to undergo treatment to obtain the statement “You are in remission”

– treatment did not impact on every other area of your life and often for a very long time.

– the family, friends and associates did not have to be there to experience someone undergoing treatment

– I could wave a magic wand and make all the hurt and pain associated with Breast Cancer just go away.

– there was no ‘cancer envy’ where one cancer is looked upon as easier or sexier and less deserving of attention or funding.


I Hope…… that

– as time passes we get smarter and better and the breakthroughs answer more questions than they create.

– treatments become kinder and less overwhelming and much more targeted at the cancer and not the rest of the body

– if it cannot be cured that the treatments available extend life and give a quality of life and the words chronic disease can be applied more and more often to Secondary Breast Cancer

– the statement I hear all to often “but no-one dies from Breast Cancer anymore” actually becomes true one day.

I Know…….. that

– there are approximately 9000 people living in Australia right now with Secondary Breast Cancer

– even though statistics tell us many things, that there are still many questions left unanswered and indeed black and white statistics do not sit very well when each of us are living in a vibrant and technicolour world

– our knowledge and early detection and treatments have improved the chances of the cancer not returning but it is a jigsaw of factors that we are still to fully understand

– there are many dedicated people working their whole lives to solve the puzzle

– I can choose to hide from all of this or choose to make a difference – I choose to make a difference even if it is just a very, very small dot on the canvas


Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October

Participate willingly and help make an impact or step away and do not.

There is no right or wrong.

Do as little or as much as makes you comfortable.

Check your Boobies (not negotiable)

But if nothing else, do not dismiss this month.

Just accept it for what it is.

A beacon of HOPE for many.

Beacon of Hope



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