Turtle escape plan is taking shape!!! Shhhhhh no telling…

Chemo Recap:

First dose – adverse reaction and spent 3 days in hospital.  Went home and then came back 3 days later with further issues and spend 5 days sorting it. Not great but at least I was in the right place to fix it.

Second dose – no adverse reaction spent 4 days in hospital just to make sure. Was snookered on the Saturday by an adverse reaction to a pain medication that caused me to pass out for over 2 minutes and have issues for a while asking my body to move..  So an overnight with fluids and no more of the medication was hastily arranged..  phew..  no more Targin for me (will just add it to the no go list that just seems to be growing each day!!)

Third dose –  no adverse reaction in the chest during the Taxotare infusion – yay.  only minor odema (swelling to the lower parts of the body) – yay. Tummy holding it’s own really well – double yay. Only oral anti nausea medications (no syringe driver and fluid has been taken away too) yay. Brain still working (well mostly – come on, I am on chemo after all)

Looking good !!!  touching lots and lots of wood. it is looking as if the tweaking is paying off and this could be a reasonable combination to allow me to try a go home the next day for dose 4 and hopefully (yes, large goals I know) dose 5 will be a day treatment only.

This is by no means my first chemo regime and it is a very easy statement to say that each one has come with its adverse reactions and side effects but each treatment set has been different. So you can read all the paperwork they give you but until something happens you just never know what it is going to be.. Sort of an unwelcome surprise package really.  I can do this, I really can. The trade off for me is that my bloods keep on coming up with nice numbers and that my next scan is showing that the party is well and truly being disbursed. I believe in a mix of Western and Complimentary medicine and it may just be that I am getting the balance right this time around.  That is my story and I will stick to it until I have to change it !!!

Keeping Occupied:

This morning I have already completed my 20 minute First Form in Tai Chi and without a single brain fade or error.. (that is a huge thing 1 day after chemo).  A little later I will tackle the slightly shorter Second Form.  It is going to be 26 degrees here today, which is a serious mini heatwave for this time of the year.  So at some point I will escape off to a courtyard and just sit and enjoy the weather. (need to be careful due to chemo reducing my sun protection ability – see, I do read the brochures)

I am calm and relaxed and going with the flow – which is a good thing, but I would dearly love to go home. Luckily I have geared myself up to be here as long as it takes and it looks like tomorrow should be the run away day.  So in the meantime, Dexa and Baby Shelby have been out and about on adventures..  Actually, I think they have been casing the place looking for the way out.  Luckily I saw them and decided to follow them and get evidence of their exploits.

The wandered down from their look out. Checked that the coast was clear. turtled down to the coffee shop to place an order for my almond hot chocolate. On the way back check out the rear stair exit and then as if nothing had happened back up to practice some more turtle pole dancing!!..  What a slick and professional pair they are.  I seriously think that Dexa turtle has lead my little baby Shelby astray and shown here the big wide world.  I just hope she will jump back into my suitcase tomorrow to come home.  So if you promise not to share the pictures with anyone, just between you and me, here are the planning shots 🙂

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I am either 20 cents short of the dollar or I am developing an even stranger sense of humour or I am just bored.  Maybe a mix of 2 and 3.  At the end of the day, the brain needs exercise and my turtle buddies are more than happy to help me out.  Fingers and toes crossed that the way I feel right now continues, I could do with a break and besides, I still have the final cream coat for the top half of the rumpus room just sitting there waiting for me to finish it before the timber s boarder is placed to separate my cream and green sections..    I suppose you could just say that I choose to do chemotherapy to help remove my squatters having the unauthorised party in my liver and a sense of humour never ever goes astray.

So today, as you read this little adventure post just remember that it can be something really small that makes a big difference in your day. Don’t let it get away from you.

Cheers, Sharon

UPDATE:  it worked. …  We are all home safe!!!!!


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