September already!!!!

I cannot believe my last visit to post was the 31st July. But just so much has been happening.  Unfortunately it all seems to be treatment related.

After my test results, it was off to get a Power Port placed into the right side of my chest to relieve my long suffering veins. So the Port will allow direct injection and it is really very cool how it works.. They add a ‘lock” to it and it can stay in place and without pain for 7 days straight.  After that it was then off for my five radiation zaps on my left hip and I am very happy to report an eight-five % drop in pain in the area.. Whoo Hoo comes to mind.  The it was time three weeks after results to arrive at the oncology department and start into my chemotherapy again.

It is obviously way too early to tell if it is working or not, but I like to believe that all this is for a great reason and that is because it is working.  The names of my newest friends are Taxotare and Cyclophosphmaide.  A very formidable combination I have been told.  The aim, blast my newest squatters back to where they came from.  The first blood test after my first dose shows liver functions have settled back into the normal range that that is indeed a good thing as it means it is functioning OK.  Seriously, it needs to because of the level of toxic chemicals running through it right now attempting to fix me. Because on top of the chemotherapy drugs there is a regime of anti nausea and settling drugs to help me feel better and keep me upright.

So, I can hear you asking, how was your first dose??  It started off reasonably well,  but then not so well .. But with me that is no real surprise, if there is a way to take the hard path, that is me.  I will be there every time. I don’t mean to, but I just end up there. But no matter, I just keep on going anyway.  I had an adverse reaction to the Taxotare where my chest decided to lock down (like a brick or two leaning on it) so it then was a second set of pre-medication drugs and a stop then slow down of the dose. Finally it was in and we moved onto the Cyclophosphamiade. It was administered and went just fine.

So from Monday evening until Wednesday morning, it was a waiting game.  All seemed to go ok and with no further issues it was off home.  Unfortunately on Friday, my temperature started to rise and for reasons that I will let you fill in the blanks, i began to dehydrate and feel rather unwell all in conjunction with major bone pain.  (from the drug that was meant to be recreating my immune system neutrophils) The Chemo had wandered back to give me a slap whilst stealing the last of my immune system and then sat there laughing at the mess they had made.  Needless to say, after a quick visit to the GP, it was straight back into hospital with at very least a blood pressure of 80/50 (so not good) It took five days to stabilise all the side effects allowing me to feel well enough to head for home once more.  The rest of the week was a quiet affair as you can imagine.

Week three was much better, I had more energy and was able to do a little more around the place.

So it caused no end of chaos as I had lots of appointments that had to be cancelled and as yet have not been able to revisit them. Mainly because I am back in hospital (aka The Hilton) for my second dose. There are no chances being taken, I am once again under observation until probably Tomorrow. So far so good, as there has been nothing that we have not been able to solve.

I suppose the only thing that has been difficult was the fact that it seems like I blinked and lost three whole weeks somewhere and I cannot find them anywhere..  Just quietly, I also remember taking my favourite hoop earrings off the day of chemotherapy thinking ‘I won’t be needing those’ and yes you guessed it, I still cannot find them..  ho hum..  I am sure they will eventually show up somewhere that they should not be sitting.

The guy from The Hangover movies (who’s name escapes me) came to mind and I laughed “But, Did you Dieeeeee?”    well totally NO (excellent result)

So lets get the good things out on the table very quickly as it would be easy to get lost in this post thinking it is a sad and down post and it is actually quite the opposite.

– We are working on best possible outcome after each treatment so as to leave me with the best part of my three weeks to potter about and get things done – basically do, wait, watch alter treatment and go again 🙂

– The second treatment seems to be easier this time and all indications are that it will continue to improve (that’s my story and I am sticking to it)

– I get to go on outings with my newest mate Dexa Turtle (who has been practicing pole dancing all over the medication poles!!!  yes, he is easily amused).

– My Mum delivered the most beautiful orchids from her garden for me and they will last for weeks.

– My sense of humour is still intact

– I am sleeping an amazing 6 hrs solid every night despite treatment.. Still dont understand why, never have before but shhhhh. I will not question this, just gratefully accept the bliss of sleep.

– My hope and belief in the best quality of life being available is stronger than ever.  Living and not just existing is my goal no matter how small the win is during the day.

– Hopefully the next treatment will be better again and slowly but surely I will spend less and less time in hospital just waiting and watching.  But you know, one step at a time. One foot in front of the other. One chemo treatment at a time.

I can and am doing this.  Hope to have a clear enough head to catch up on my Auto Immune Protocol and the missing chapters of my story very soon..  But just between you and me, this has taken me allllll day to write.. Well OK I did have a stream of  lovely and very welcome visitors today and my phone has ran hot with messages, texts and calls. Maybe it will take a few days to try to catch up.  But never fear, Super Turtle is here.. and it will eventually be done!!  I certainly have a couple of chapters to add !!!


4 thoughts on “September already!!!!

  1. Great to have you back on here!

    You have the absolute right approach towards this – one day at a time, accepting the good things as they come along (sleep is like the best medicine, isn’t it?) and fighting those that are not-so-good…

    Looking forward to more posts – and if they take you a long time to write, this’d better be for good reasons like this time…!

    Liked by 1 person

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