Why is a Question that Will Never Have an Answer

As I sit here trying to work through my latest diagnosis of progression. Which leaves the previous report of stable but a distant memory. I have been working on staying away from the negative and sad possibilities that this brings to mind. Endeavouring to continue to against the odds, work towards evicting my squatters. But that discussion, blog and story chapter is for another day because life is not fair and not easy but we make the best of it each and every day.

But tonight, something that is so terribly sad is the loss of two lovely ladies to this terrible disease of Breast Cancer.

One a wife, mother and grandmother who may have been on the other side of the country but who chatted with me on many occasions about the love she had for her family. She leaves her family to contemplate life without her.

The other, a younger woman, a much younger woman. An intelligent, vibrant woman with an amazing way with words and a contagious enthusiasm for life who had the world at her feet.

Ladies (Karen and Frances) I will miss you both very much and cannot and will not ask why, because there is no answer. Cancer does not discriminate. No matter what they say about factors and risks and possibilities.. It just is and I still hope that soon…. Very soon that we will continue to find the answers that stop wonderful women such as these from being taken from their families and friends well before their time.

The sadness and frustration that this disease brings can be extremely difficult to put into words and tonight I do not think that I can.

But in this post, I wanted to just say thank you for being my friends and that I will miss you

fly free


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