So, what are my Squatters up to?

As promised, here is the next report of what my squatters are up to..  I was only back from holiday in Port Douglas for two days when I wandered in to see my Oncologist…. I had not seen her since my forced five day visit to the hospital when my flu and Pneumococcal vaccine tipped me over the edge of wellness and sent me directly to hospital, do not pass go and do not collect $200!..(as per Chapter 6 of my story)    We spoke about the fact that whilst I was away my pain diminished so very much that I almost felt ‘normal’ and that upon returning home it was back..  She explained that unfortunately it is the tablets that I am on which are currently murdering any unfortunate hormones in my body.  I understand this but some days, I feel as if I am double my age and my lack of joint and muscle mobility and stiffness reflects this.  We then spoke about my blood test results

On my blood tests there is a tumor marker indicator and this is used in conjunction with my whole body bone scans and ct’s by my oncologist along with things like my pain levels and general well-being.  The tumour marker can be affected my many things including infection and inflammation..  and of course advanced breast cancer..  My CA 15:3 has been a bit of a mini roller coaster ever since the first day it was checked.. wiggling its way up to 76 and as low as 30 (normal is considered under 39 – and it is also known that for some people, it is not a reliable indicator – but for me it seems to be reasonably good at it).  I am currently sitting back up at 45 but since I have been fighting infection and inflammation (found these little guys whilst in hospital and they have now been added to my monthly blood tests to see how they are going) we are sitting and waiting to see as the other functions are not so bad.  The scan in September will tell if my cancer is once again on the move.  For now I am trying not to think about it too much and just get on with trying to feel better and move quicker.

In the meantime, since I have been feeling really lacking in energy and general health and well-being, I have started seeing a Naturopath and she gets my blood test results each month.  So far we have taken my infection markers from 35 down to 8.8 in the first 3 weeks and the inflammation from 65 to 42 (looking for 21 I think).  and my Liver function has returned to well within normal ranges..  and that is a very good thing  as the numbers on my blood tests are a great window into what my body is doing (and that is as a whole, not just the cancer) ..  So in the current month we are working on the immune system and trying to raise the white cells and continue to drop the inflammation level.  Biggest change is me turning my eating habits upside down..  but that is something for another post..  But I must say.. I am impressed by the first few weeks results..  seriously impressed.. and I thank her for sending me down this path – after so many attempts at better eating, it has finally clicked!!!

I am actually pretty happy to be saying sorry it is such a boring post as I do not want my squatters to active.  The only place I am currently fighting them is in my left iliac crest..  That is such a long way from November 2012 when it was nodes, bones (stacks of places), ovaries and lung.  No matter what, it is a wonderful overview for right now and I will enjoy it as I am so very aware it can change just like that and without notice.

It is a funny thing, I find myself working on being as healthy and happy as possible and yes, I cannot deny I am doing it to help deal with my cancer but really, it is something I should have been doing and is really much more about life in general.  I am just making it a bit more tricky now with my bits and pieces that I have to deal with every day.  It has been like a slap in the face with a wet fish (mmm never really seen a dry fish!!) when you realise that using the I don’t care, I will do what I feel like because I have incurable cancer is all fine and well unless you are actually poisoning your body as I was (stupid allergies and intolerances).  You see, you can only ignore the truth for so long before it bites you on the butt.

So for now I am being true to me…. I am totally re-learning how to think about food and some parts of it involved killing of beliefs that i have had since I don’t know when about certain foods. Also working on my exercise capabilities (frustrating as that is), working on my mind and outlook and trying to live and not exist.. Needless to say, I am pretty much a full-time job right now.  More posts to follow as I want to record and share how I go with my new eating lifestyle..  I think it is important to note the changes both good and bad as I go.

Well enough for now.. I have probably bored you all to sleep by now !!!!..

Tomorrow is another day and I have things to do!!!  as a matter of fact, I am heading back up to Neerim South for the weekend.


Remember, Winning comes in many shapes and sizes

and you get to choose the shape and size that suits YOU


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