So Much to Cover!!!

I have been ‘absent’ from my blog for a little while, but so very much has been happening around me..  So it is time to start getting it all out of my head and camera and blog away..

Mossman Gorge


  • Been working hard to leave behind my tiredness and lethargy – post hospital visit
  • I have spoken to a crowd of 15,000 people at the 2014 Field of Women and shared my story
  • I have ticked another thing off my “Don’t Wait – Do It Now” list – and visited Port Douglas (which has actually given me a new thing for the list, but I will get to that later.
  • Been to the oncologist for my “How’s it Going” visit
  • Started to make plans to overhaul the rumpus room and make it our main living area
  • I am back to working on my food and that also means working on my exercise.
  • and have another chapter for the Apartment Block in the works!!!!

Cairns Birdwing


The Cruiser

So you can see that quite alot has been happening and I will have to work hard to get it all down and it will be over a few posts..

I will start by getting some pictures sorted and posted..  I am really happy with many of them, they have come out really nicely indeed.


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