Ladies – Make Sure You Touch Yourself

It is up to you…..

  • Fund Raising and research will eventually find more answers than questions.
  • Campaigns telling you all about it can go straight over your head because it “will never happen to you”
  • Pink everywhere you look in May and October may you happy, sad, cross or want to bunker down until the ‘pinkness’ passes

But.. and yes there is a but.

No amount of awareness or money in the universe will change the fact that knowing your breasts intimately is your best chance of finding breast cancer early.
I do not care what it is that convinces you to regularly check your breasts but it does not mean just to feel them.
Learn to understand the differences during the month and pay attention.
This year alone over 15,000 women and around 110 men will hear the words,
“You have breast cancer”.
Give yourself the best possible chance by paying attention to your breasts.

The worst thing you can do if you find a change in your breast is ignore it.
FACT: 8 out of 9 changes (lumps etc) are NOT breast cancer.
Time is of the essence do not wait to get it checked.

YOU are your best line of defence in stopping breast cancer in its tracks.
If you do not know what to look for, speak with your GP and they can teach you.

If you care about the women in your life and if you care about yourself. Then Please, I beg you…
share this and make sure everyone understands and does not ignore checking their breasts!!!

ART: "I touch myself" for breast cancer awareness

 Click Here to Watch this Amazingly Powerful Tribute and Message


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