Major Item on “The List”

I have something that I really want to do.

It is something that I have always wanted to do and the desire to do it has been around for years and years.

In fact, it has been in the back of my mind since the first time I entered the water as a scuba diver.

Ever since I came face to face with a bronze whaler whilst on a drift dive at the Port Phillip Heads, I have wanted to dive with white sharks.  I am spellbound by them. I have an amazing amount of respect for them.

As yet, I have no idea how I will arrange it.

But you can be sure that somehow, somewhere, I will do it.  Thinking cap is ON !!!!!  South Australia ??? Western Australia ???No 1 Choice as a Dive Buddy

This needs to be something that is done sooner rather than later because I have already let it sit as purely an idea for far too long.  My list is called Don’t Wait – Do it Now…..  so as you can see, if I do not sort this then I will need to change my list’s name to Don’t Wait – Just Think About It !!!

UPDATE 07.04.14:  I have started searching the net for trips to visit the whites and it is not cheap either..  I certainly did not expect quite as much as it seems to be..  The cheapest one is with 3 other people in the same cage. the dearest one sounds awesome but $2,500 each person is just a little “owie”  Will really have to think about how I am going to pull this off !!!  will keep researching and will start asking questions


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