Weekend Away Wrap up in Pictures

This is the first weekend away that is part of my “Don’t Wait – Just Do It List”.  It was a lovely trip to Neerim South.  Where the weather was wonderfully warm and still showing that summer was not too long gone.  It was quiet and very peaceful and at night the start shone so very brightly as there are no distractions to dull them off.  The post from the other day  of the roses are also from the garden of the wonderful home we stayed in. I will indeed return as I was up much too late in the morning to find the elusive platypus but it did not matter.  A wonderful way to spend a weekend. You cannot help but come away from it feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The first set of pictures are of the billabongs where the creeks run through.

The second set of pictures are more pictures around the garden at the house

The next set is of the majestic giants of the property. Old forest gum trees.  Note the picture of the trunk, where next to it stands a star picket.  Just an indicator of how large these trees are

The changing face of nature and the little things that live amongst them

I hope you have enjoyed wandering through these pictures as much as I enjoyed creating them

Revisit to the roses


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