The “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Two

– “And Then”

~ The “Not So” Fairytale of the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants ! ~

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Although battered, burned and totally exhausted, the apartment block and all the tenants let out a collective cheer of Hooray!!!!  The rowdy and disruptive teenager BC had gone and it looked as if she may not return !!!..

From that day forward, it was my responsibility to visit and receive regular updates from the Real Estate Agent in conjunction with the Head Pest Inspector, with only a short few visits with the

I know it's wrong... but...
I know it’s wrong… but…

Head of the DS&E until she decided I was just fine with just the other two.  At first, it was three monthly. Then six monthly and for the next eight years, I swapped between them every October and February.  Each October with the Real Estate Agent, tests (mammogram and ultrasound) were completed to ensure the structure of the apartment block where the tenant BC had snuck in was still in tact and that the integrity of the building was standing strong.  Each test returned the thumbs up and as time went by as the Supervisor of the apartment block. Each February with the Head Pest Inspector just to make sure all was travelling just fine.  I was pretty happy and soon the whole episode was something that “had happened” and no longer something that “was happening”. Well, take out the tests each year as that was always when a little “scanxiety” snuck in but overall..  All good.

For many years the whole and entire tenancy in the apartment block lived together happily and quietly. But then without warning, the cracks began to show.  At this critical point, no-one even dared to guess what was going on.  The position as Supervisor had never been  enough to get me by and had always undertaken a second job.  After the first eviction and consequent treatments to repair and reinstate the apartment block, I had changed my second job from one busy and flat-out one to another.  This time managing the operations, systems and procedures, training, customer liaison and a whole bunch of other things.  All seemed to be going well but the stresses and strains of it all suddenly became all too apparent.

As the seasons changed, the dark clouds moved in and it started to rain all the time. The tenants in the apartments began to send in letters of complaint that the block was not operating how it should. The ventilation system was continually breaking and blocking up. This caused a lack of fresh air to be circulating around the block all the time, especially at night. The worries that I was carrying became so very heavy and with the lack of available fresh air it was not long before the foundations in one of the upper right apartments began to fail and the foundation timber was showing cracks.  This was causing much distress to the tenants and as supervisor I tried my best to solve it and coped with the broken ventilation system and bad foundations.  I was finding it near impossible to be the supervisor and hold down my second job as I was always ill and unable to get about.  It was about 18 months (which seemed longer) before something finally had to give.  I could no longer keep the tenants settled, the foundations solid and the ventilation working.

I tried some general repairmen and women to solve the ventilation issues and all they succeeded in completing was a “get no worse” scenario.  Finally, with the cracked foundation in the upper right apartment and the ventilation almost non-existent, my eighth anniversary review was due with the Estate Agents.  Considering that I was no longer able to keep the tenants happy and the integrity of the building was in question, It was quickly decided that a “structural integrity” inspection (November 2012) was indeed urgently warranted and ordered..

The full apartment scan was organised but it was not as we expected .. upper right apartment foundation was just fine, just a bit of cracked timber and in time would repair itself and be as good as new. The broken ventilation had caused undue stress on the foundation and cracked it. (in the future before it was finally solved, the foundation cracked in 3 more places causing no end to the complaining of the tenants.

Sadly, the inspection found that some unexpected visitors had snuck in the side entrance and taken up residence in my “lower levels” (left Iliac Crest and right sacrum) as well as some upper, rear apartments (thoracic) and balcony apartment (tip of right collarbone).. (insert jaws music here x).  Further inspections with colour see through technology just made the list longer of new unexpected visitors.  It appears that they may have been hiding out for quite a while, but no-one was talking and only educated guesses were available.

ChapterThree – Stay Calm People


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