The “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Six

– Quarantine for All and Sundry

~ The “Not So” Fairytale of the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants ! ~

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Rowdy??  I wish.

Even as I write this, Flu Season is riding a lightning fast horse named winter and is galloping with amazing speed towards the apartment block and all of its tenants.  So a block meeting was hurriedly arranged and compulsory attendance was insisted upon for everyone from the basement to the penthouse.

With memories still fresh in their minds of the unwelcome previous tenants living around the right ventilation shafts, the room was a little apprehensive. There seems to be just a little more likelihood that  Flu may sneak in and upset the entire population.

Just one little Flu may not strike fear into many but in this apartment block anything that upsets tenants and adjusts the ventilation shafts could risk further damage to the structure around the shafts and the tenants know just how many noisy and sleepless nights that brought on.

The vote was close to 100% in favour of the plan (only the right extension apartments complained as they would be taking the full brunt of any of the planned contingencies). All the possible outcomes both good and bad were presented.

So with advice from the defence department it was decided that an extra contingency plan would be put into place that indeed the good outweighed the bad.  A barrier designed especially to defeat Flu would be injected into the block and also a second set to ensure that many of his relatives in the Pneumococcal clan were not welcomed either.

With some apprehension as the time approached the tenants in the right extensions were calmed down and willing to do it for the team. But it did not take long after the barrier was put in place that it began to fall apart. Something was wrong.  The tenants began to feel tired and lethargic and considering they had already been suffering fatigue for that past few weeks there was a genuine concern that perhaps the decisions made were flawed.  Protection? yes, the barriers were holding but he side effects – what would be the end cost of them? only time would tell.

Hoping that the reaction side effects would go after a little while the apartment block cancelled all further activities for the day and asked all tenants to take a very uncharacteristic afternoon nap.  It was most surprising that they all went OK we are on it.  The block was like a ghost town that afternoon as the tenants slept.

Upon waking, it actually appeared worse not better. The cooling system seemed to be on the blink and unable to maintain the normal 37 and it began to climb towards 39.8. Immediately firefighters arrived and began to attempt to cool the block down so the tenants could feel better. But nothing worked. It kept on climbing.

The poor tenants, they were now quite hot but strangely felt cold and unable to solve it. This then was added to by the central food greeting processor going on the blink and trying hard to reject anything placed into it.  Tenants also began to report creaks and groans coming from the structure.  All in all everyone was hot, cold, bothered and over it before it had even really began.

There was not much time to consult each and every tenant so the penthouse made the call.  The defence department needed to see why such things had started to happen not long after the newest barriers were installed.  The head of defence took one look at the block and the tenants and decided that quarantine was the only choice as the tenants were showing signs of dehydration, infection and shortness of breath and it was not yet understood how or where this had come from.  At this point the Head Pest Inspector took charge of overseeing the entire operation.  It made the tenants feel somewhat easier knowing she was in charge.


From that moment the place was crawling with CSI, inspectors and even the fumigators dropped over to see how everyone was getting on.  The CSI tests showed that there was certainly an infection but could only guess where it was hiding but it was indeed very likely that when the new barrier was installed it started a chain reaction.

There was a flurry of activity but the tenants were not noticing too much as they could hardly stay awake. But sleeping was the best thing for them.  In the meantime an amazing amount of work was being undertaken.

Central food greeting processor – the process of injecting settling fluid directly into the fuel system was started. Unfortunately the first product tried actually made the processor even less happy to greet and process food!!  Once this was discovered, another product was sent into the fuel system and began to calm everything down almost immediately.

The cooling system – consistent 4 hourly resets were undertaken to encourage the cooling system to begin to regulate itself once again and work within the confines of 37 degrees.

Infection Level In the Block – Even though the CSI team had confirmed the infiltration into the block of the dreaded Infection family it was near impossible to accurately report on where they were hiding so a blanket order of targeted fumigation was sent in twice each day to kick their butts out and back to where ever they came from.

Whilst all this was happening, the tenants in the right external apartments had to be brave as the damage they had sustained from the original attack was still quite painful, red and swollen.  But the attention to all the other issues in the block were the key to solving all these issues.

Quite lucky really, but whilst screening for the invaders the CSI tests also showed was the fact that the building structure was low in some essential elements to keep the structure strong and this in turn would easily be causing the creaking and stiffness in the structure. So immediately added elements were ordered to be directed into the system to improve.

This was along with the fuel system was actually showing slightly empty.  There had been no orders received notifying of the lack of fuel, but could indeed explain the lethargy and shortness of breath that the tenants had been suffering in from.  Best was to deal with this was to infuse some more fuel so the system could get back to running much more efficiently.

With all this activity happening, the tenants began to feel a little better each day and began to ask if the quarantine could end. All attempts were rejected until the fifth day. The numbers were all beginning to look so much better and the CSI team reported levels were all approaching normal again and that the risk had basically passed.

Negotiations with the Head Pest Inspector who had been overseeing the entire operation were successful and the order to take down the quarantine area came through at 1:41pm Eastern Standard Daylight Savings Time – Monday 23rd March 2014.  There was a collective cheer from all the tenants and they set about immediately working towards the re-opening of the block.

This now left everyone free to arrange meetings and visits that had been cancelled due to the quarantine during the past days.  There would certainly have to be a new block meeting as important things needed to be discussed such as the rest and recuperation requirements, planning next years Flu barrier and more importantly preparation for this Fridays building inspection and subsequent visit to the Real Estate Agent for the condition report.

There is apprehension in the air during the waiting time to gain the results.. Luckily all the tenants are attending a training seminar and it will surely keep them busy enough not to think much about the upcoming report.


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