A “Not So” Fairytale – Introduction

I first started writing my ‘story’ when I was first diagnosed with Advanced Breast Cancer back in November 2012. It just came to me and seemed to be a reasonable way to work through my thoughts about the diagnosis and what it meant to me and how I would approach the future. At the same time by sharing it with my friends, I was able to lighten what was really a very dark time because (as with everyone that finds themselves staring at a Stage IV diagnosis) it is difficult to understand and get your head around and even more difficult to explain to friends and not become a ‘victim’.  This was it!!!  and even now as my adventure continues, I add a new chapter when something new comes along.

So please make a cuppa and enjoy my story.

Oh, I have written an explanation of who the characters represent (it just seems easier to do it this way )

The “Not So” Fairytale of

the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants !

Chapter One – In the Beginning

May I introduce:

Breast Cancer and all its little relatives as The unwelcome Tenant/s and then the Squatters !!!!
Breast Surgeon as The Real Estate Agent
Cardiothoracic Surgeon as The Ventilation Specialist
Pathology Team as the CSI Team
Gynecologist/Medical Oncologist as The Demolisher/ Kitchen Specialist
Me 🙂 as The Building Superintendent
Medical Oncologist
  (self-confessed mass murderer of cancer cells LOL) as The Head Pest Inspector
Radiation Oncologist as The Head of DS&E
Radiation Oncology Team as Flash Fire Team
The “wonderful” oncology nurses as The Fumigators

and of course it would be remiss of me to forget the star of the show,

My Body as The Apartment Block

It is indeed a star-studded cast and I am so very appreciative for all their care, assistance and professionalism



2 thoughts on “A “Not So” Fairytale – Introduction

  1. Love your story, It really made me smile. When I go for scans next week I will think about your story and not feel so anxious. Love your sense of humor, it is the only way to cope with this disease.


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