A “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Three

– Stay Calm People

~ The “Not So” Fairytale of the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants ! ~

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Unfortunately, up to this time the apartment block had been happily forgetting all about its past,  At first, the Estate Agent and I had no idea who these new visitors were. We could not simply assume that BC had moved back in and it was entirely possible that they could have been from  the Bone, Lung or Ovary families.  Interviews and investigations would be the only way to be sure who we were dealing with.

The next few weeks were a blur. So many interviews with so many people. All trying to get to the bottom of the invasion of visitors.  First the Kitchen Specialist declared there may indeed be visitors in the kitchen but they were not from the Ovary Family but that my kitchen would be fine for a little while and was sure that any fumigation that was about to take place would help send the visitors away.

Vent-Shaft-FanThen after crawling all over the place in my ventilation ducts, the Ventilation Specialist declared that I indeed had visitors in the ventilation unit but not from the Lung Family.  With much cross-examination, he was able to ascertain that they were all closely related to BC, the original unwanted and unloved tenant !!!!!!

So the secret was discovered !!!!  BC had not forgotten her terrible treatment all those years ago and had been plotting an invasion of the apartment block.  Even after all this time BC had not grown up at all  and was still acting like a spoiled teenager, and what was worse had brought along stacks of relatives who took up residence all over the apartment block.. so parties at all hours of the day and night never any let up at all.  It was devastating to the usual and law-abiding tenants that their peace and quiet had been smashed so very badly.

no bc hereSo, after some further expert premises inspections it was decided that a course of fumigation would be the very best bet to dispatch these unwelcome guests. So the Estate Agent once again handed my case over to the Head Pest Inspector and a vicious and deliberate campaign was organised.  For the most part an extremely large reduction in the amount of unwelcome visitors was achieved in a very short time with the fumigation achieving wonderful success.  It had become quite obvious to me and the usual tenants that we were all being caught in this net too and felt non too well. But if it meant we could take full possession of the apartment block again, it was worth it.  This time eviction was not possible and so murder and mass murder at that, was the answer!!!..  Strange, not one of the other tenants seemed to mind too much.

But even after the fumigation and follow-up tests and inspections, the Head Pest Inspector was still not happy and sent me back to  The Kitchen Specialist. She had received an anonymous tip-off that the kitchen staff had indeed been feeding the unwanted visitors and she was furious !!!!.  She had been trying her best to murder them all and starve them in the process!!!

With the fumigation complete, it was decided that the apartment block no longer required a communal kitchen and so my kitchen specialist became The Demolisher and removed my kitchen.  demolished kitchenSince I was unable to attend the demolishing (ok I was there but for some reason slept right through the whole thing!!)  he took lots of pictures to show me his handy work (mmmm there may be something very strange and wrong with that. pictures of a demolished kitchen and the kitchen staff still attached – certainly not a pretty sight..)  It looks like BC had actually sent troops in and made a hostile takeover of my kitchen was holding it hostage  to make it feed all the tenants.. But in the end the kitchen sacrificed itself for the good of the rest of the apartment block.. But the CSI team will have the final say if using the weapons of mass destruction were warranted or not..

I will always remember my kitchen fondly and the sacrifice it made for the cause.Love_heart

Chapter Four – Barriers at the Ready


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