A “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Four

– Barriers At The Ready

~ The “Not So” Fairytale of the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants ! ~

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We had made it through Summer and had started the trip through Autumn where the mood and colours change and is usually calm and pleasant.  How I was wishing for that for the poor battered apartment block!!!

empty plateThe Chief Pest Inspector is hoping that with little food left and available to the visitors  and influx food murdering reinforcements (Letrozole) that at least for now, I will not need anymore fumigation..  I have heard though that the reinforcements are a big bag of trouble in their own right but are better than allowing the visitors to stay.  So the poor tenants are bracing themselves.

The Pest Inspector (who continues to advise me that she would rather be known as the Pest Murderer !!!!) received the completion of work certificate from The Demolisher and it was indeed with those pictures again (and they were no nicer than before !!) along with a report from the CSI lab that told confirmed that our suspicions were indeed correct and that BC had sent troops into the kitchen to ensure everyone was fed as much as they needed (the numbers showed >90% preference for both estrogen and progesterone dishes – greedy little suckers weren’t they??). It has also been decided that the communal kitchen will never, ever be rebuilt.

So today while we wandered through the reports and decided that all was on track as per the reports and certificate, we then started to discuss issues that the apartment block may be having since the completion of work. So yet another report was commissioned and as the superintendent I was asked if the tenants had noticed anything different or strange lately.. The report was presented as such…

reports galore– The structural integrity is a bit stiff and not “flexing” too well at the moment.
– Intermittent tap leakage from the top floor windows.
– The heating and cooling is on the blink and no tenants know if they should wear a jumper or their bathers to bed at night
– Issues with lack of airflow causing tenants to become light-headed seems to be on the increase.

With all this being reported, a blanket order (new tab) was issued to sort all this out and works will hopefully be completed in the next 2-3 weeks and the superintendent was ok with this, but had more questions.

The marker that indicates the apartment blocks level of pests invasion has been a bother for quite a while now. The number is 42. That is what it went to after starting out at 78. Not very large numbers really but large enough.. The superintendent figured that zero was the desired number but NOOOOOOO it is less than 39 we are looking for. Bonus is that this 42 was obtained before the kitchen was demolished and so when the next survey is taken, it is hoped that the level of invasion is below the magic number “39”

With the first rounds of fumigation completed and the kitchen demolished the wait is on for the reinforcements to get settled in and continue to starve out any remaining visitors.  Today, the visitors officially became squatters and they are being issued with notices to vacate the premises on a daily basis.  They are indeed stubborn little fellows, but The superintendent is just as stubborn.

For now, the works are complete and the tenants leave the superintendent alone to get on with things. The structural integrity test (bone density) has come back saying all is within safe limits, but as an added precaution for the apartment blocks longevity, a new monthly injection will help to stabilise the foundations. It turns out that the eradication process could indeed weaken the integrity of the foundations if not kept in check.stable

Watching for a few months, there was still some activity but only minor scuffles were being reported.  Since then, the tests and building inspections have come back and categorised with the word “stable”.  That is the “heavy” part of this whole adventure.  “stable” is an OK word. “Gone” would be better, but that is never assumed. Not since the day BC sent all her relatives in to take over the entire block has anything been assumed. Stable is OK by the whole block.  So there we have it..

All symptoms accounted and unfortunately the measures in place have failed. So a new program including better sleep, better food and gentle exercise in the form of Tai Chi has been arranged for the tenants to undertake daily to help get them as flexible and healthy as possible and be as ready and able, to deal with trouble, if the squatters re-appear and create more havoc.

Chapter Five– Hang On – How Did That Happen ?


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