A “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Five

– Hang On – How Did That Happen?

~ The “Not So” Fairytale of the Apartment Block and its Rowdy Tenants ! ~

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It has now been over 12 months since the apartment block was attacked by all the visitors and the remaining ones identified as squatters.  With regular visits to the Estate Agent and also the Head Pest Inspector, it has so far been a fortunate outcome where the squatters are keeping their heads down and not causing too much trouble.  But just when you dare to think all is going along rather well, a new battle arrives on the doorstep.

Both the Estate Agent and the Head Pest Inspector prefer to get individual tests and inspections done and it was that time of the year when the upper apartments needed to be checked.  This clashed with the full apartment integrity checks.  So the apartment block underwent four full inspections in four weeks.  Most came back with nothing new to report. But one showed movement.  Movement that was not the squatters. So the Estate Agent sent the CSI team in with tools and cameras and the results came back that a new tenant had moved in.  Related but not the same.  So there I was, squatters all quiet and not being annoying but a new tenant who had moved into the upper right apartment.  Right across the hall from where BC had originally moved in.  Sisters !!!!!!!!

So once again, the Estate Agent went into action and evicted the new unwanted and unloved tenant.  So much had changed in the nine years since BC had first moved in that the entire procedure was markedly different and went rather well.  Again, the CSI team were sent in to investigate and follow-up. It was decided that it was a sister to BC but not exactly the same. This meant that any other fumigation or “burn ’em out” programs would be un-necessary.  It made the tenants feel rather uneasy for a while. But once the meetings had been completed, it was understood that it was not worth chasing ghosts around when the block was already in lockdown for the squatters.

There was still just a little concern considering the lockdown was in place when BC’s sister arrived and took up residence.  No one in the security team can explain how she make it through.  But since she was a much smaller sister, it is hoped that she will not return and bring all the relatives back who would indeed try to take over just as the squatters are still trying now.  It makes for a very complex case indeed !!!

The apartment block will never be the same again. There is a new kind of normal. The scars of the battle can still be seen. Even on the days they seem to be gone, they flow, just under the surface. I have given up my second job so I can concentrate solely on keeping all the tenants happy and alert and looking for squatters if they stick their heads up.  It is indeed  a fulltime job just to keep everything organised. Oh, and I have a little secret now too..  I will share it with you.. But please don’t tell anyone..  Since this latest battle has begun, I have indeed got a second life – I transform into a Super Turtle when it is needed.  Her motto:  I may be slow, but I will never ever stop.  It is ST that helps me through the dark and horrible times because if I stop then the rest of the tenants and the whole apartment block, do not have a chance. This battle is way to important to ignore !!!

There are now guards on all the entries checking identifications  and looking for contraband goods.  There are regular structural integrity checks to ensure any new hot spots of squatters are located quickly and dealt with.

This will never be any different. If we let our guard down and they slip in un-noticed then it will be devastating. But truly, even if we catch them at the front door as they enter, it will still be a major battle to stop them.

black holeThere is something just a little X-files that has been reported in one of the upper right apartments !!!  There is a black hole that keeps on showing up on the various tests.  The Head Pest Inspector is not bothered and says that BC and family are no longer living around it.. But, you just know, that the “Truth is Out There”. So, keep an eye out for any further developments of the black hole that cannot be plastered over or painted !!!!!

So for now, I stop here and wait for the next communications and results.

Chapter Six – Quarantine for All and Sundry


2 thoughts on “A “Not So” Fairytale – Chapter Five

  1. You are a wonderfully creative writer! I really like your style, and the analogies you make in your story. I will now always think of my breast cancer journey (now Stage 4) in these terms! It is easier to deal with all this if a little humor is integrated. Thank you for the effort you put into this blog. I love it. Best of luck to you! Mary Beth in Kentucky


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