Drought Affected Farmers are Doing it way too Tough – Help Out Now

I try to bring awareness to my blog and usually about health, life and happiness through the eyes of someone living with stage IV breast cancerB2.  But today I would like to shift the focus to a great initiative that is being undertaken to assist our farmers in drought stricken areas of Australia.  This is not a single season drought, but one that has been ongoing for successive seasons and in so many of our farming communities, and shows no sign of relief arriving soon.

Many of those who can, have now been forced to leave their land and are droving the cattle they have left in an attempt to find food and try to keep them alive until the rains arrive.

In a good year, obviously things are good..  That goes without saying, but as the drought bites in and sticks around longer and longer, the money, food and water is finally gone.  Many have animals that are now so very weak that they cannot even be transported to market as they will not make the trip.  There is no money left to maintain many herds and no matter the choices made, it is not a winning or good situation.  The farmers and their families are under so much strain and I am sure that people think that if it begins to rain that the crisis will be over and washed away with those rains.

But nothing could be further from the truth.  Many people are at breaking point and sadly suicide rates are also higher than ever.  They should not have to do this alone.   Herds only barely alive, debt up to their necks feeding stock and praying for the rains. Let alone caring for themselves and their families.  I have put my money where my mouth is and have donated funds towards buying diesel fuel.  You can choose  different forms of assistance to make a difference.

Hay – Diesel – Farmers Card – General Cash Donations – Goods Donated – you can choose.

Please, if you can help, make that decision today and keep the heart and soul of our land alive for now and the future.

Thanking you in advance.  ST



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