Promising Research – Slowed by Lack of Funds

This vaccine is showing great promise to stop the return of breast cancer and is in need of funding to allow the next phase to go ahead.  The bonus is that it appears that it could also be adapted to other cancers. Another piece to the puzzle towards a cure.  Question is, where are the funds going to come from.  There are so many projects on the verge of success and yet lack of funding means they are back on the shelf and slowed to almost a stop.

Extract from article – “The revolutionary vaccine, which uses the body’s own immune system to fight off cancer, could also be useful in treating and preventing pancreatic, ovarian, colon and lung cancer.”562409-5389fb1c-949b-11e3-831f-628faee552fc
I work towards No Evidence of Disease every single day and live in hope that for me if not a cure then a way to slow or stop the cancer from taking over my body. I also look at others with advanced cancer and hope the same for them.

Remember, I may be slow, but I never ever stop – ST


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