I Have Started on the List !!!

First flowers on my Makybe Diva rose. A birthday present from my parents

I perhaps could become a tightrope walking turtle.  I seem to have to balance so very much when it comes to movement.  My treatment makes it challenging to keep on moving and since getting my “cannot live without it” fitbit I have found that the cut off number for me when my body locks up and becomes painful the very second I stop is 7500.  So I am now working two fold on moving more and getting stuff done without ending up a screaming mess in the corner. I also am trying to minimise the drugs that enter my system and try to keep the pain at bay naturally. Only when it becomes to much of an issue do I relent and take pain killers.

I have a copy of the list on my wall and a favourite of mine is everything to do with the garden. Living on 1/2 an acre means I have just a few garden beds and they are all quite large. Probably 4 times the size of my previous place. Progressively in the last 11 years, the garden has stopped and started due to work and health issues, so now that I am home I can spend some serious time on them.  Over Christmas, my husband (thank you, thank you, thank you) took the time to lay all of the remaining bluestones and I have a border around every bed now.  It is so very nice to have that part finished.  I have been working on weeding, sorting, planting, watering systems and finally we will get to mulch.  Of course the hottest time of the year was chosen. Well not really but you have to do things when you can get to them and summer is the time that was presented. So I have taken it and am running with it. Just have extra water on hand and keep out of the hottest part of the day.

Here is a before – original garden with 10 years of growth and no borders, lots of weeds and difficult to keep watered and tidy.  In the after you can see that the borders really make the garden and gives it that wow factor. I am now just working on finishing it all off so that in the future I have maintenance days and lots of enjoyment from it all.

Before borders – about to dig the trenches for the bluestones
Borders in and looking wonderful. Now for the rest of the work. So totally worth the effort

To give you an indication of the speed (not) I have taken 2 days to lay 45 meters of 13mm pipe with 35 drippers. I still have about another 30 drippers to go to be finished just one bed..  There are many twists and turns and  when the rain leaves (probably overnight) I will wander out and pop the last little drippers in and it is one bed totally finished and just waiting for mulch.  At current rate I anticipate that I will have the garden finished in the next couple of months ( I am so very grateful that I can even get out in the garden, but it makes me sad that I just cannot do the amount I used to – It is just taking a little while to adapt to this and change the pace I anticipate things to happen)


P1nk66 Native Blue Banded Bee
What’s for dinner ??
P1nk66 Native Blue Banded Bee building
More lining for his winter home


Last summer, I discovered that there are native blue banded bees in our garden. They live in solitude most of the year and also hibernate during winter.

They are beautiful little guys and I thought I had lost them as I had not seen once single one this summer.. Until yesterday that is….  I was fitting the hoses and pipe to the taps and there he was, darting about in all his finery.  I now know where he lives and it is under the mortar between my bluestones. He is totally not bothered by me and went about his business.  I sat and just watched for a little while and noticed that under him he was holding a piece of leaf.  It turns out that it is how he lines his house. He comes out rips off a piece of the leaf and then returns to his house..  How totally COOL !!!! Phew he is a quick little guy.. I had to sit for quite a while to get the shots !!!!!


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