7th November 2013 – First Anniversary of ABC Diagnosis

It is actually 9 years this coming Monday that  breast cancer entered my life for a while before returning last year in an advanced state  (it obviously enjoyed the board and lodgings and wanted to take over the whole place) but it is today that I have decided to write about.

Right at this moment in time, I am so very fortunate, as the treatment seems to be doing it’s job and according to my blood tests my tumor markers are down. At the end of this month will be another round of scans and blood tests which will hopefully reinforce this finding.  In the meantime I just keep on doing what I can to enjoy life, improve my health and fitness and basically get things done around the place.

A strange day to celebrate???….. maybe… but … I am here and able to count it and hope to be counting many, many more..  I live with hope and never give up.  Every day is special in it’s own way.


I have started populating my “Don’t Wait – Just Do It” list  (The List) and last weekend with my wonderful husband we started on our first assignment.  To finish the front garden.  Our front garden is rather large as we live on a 1/2 acre. It has “almost” been complete for coming up to ten years now. I almost turned to stone after working flat out for the whole three days but the satisfaction we have gained is priceless (and a day in total shutdown mode is almost worth it).  By the end of this coming weekend we should have achieved all the stones in, pointed and mower strip done. Have the dirt level up, watering system in and mulch on order..  Then it will be off to start the last bed.  It is a little tricky working around the mature plants and for just a while the new additions will be dwarfed by them but it will not take long to get them all to merge, make friends and live happily together.

Ten years is a long time to take to finish garden beds. What possible reason could there be ???  Well, it is the fact that we are laying blue stones as the border. They are heavy and backbreaking and it takes a long time to align the planets to get them sorted and done. Besides, there are 1,000,001 other things you can do apart from lay stones. Just ask the chief stone shifter !! Once the two beds are finished there will not be one single spare stone hanging around the place at all (all part of another item on The List..  So very cool.. getting two things for the price of one..  Every time we finish something, it makes neatness somewhere in our yard!!  Less mess means less maintenance, less maintenance means less time required to keep it all together and that in turn means more time to do other things..  Yes !!!!

I would like to apologise to any little lizards or ants that thought the blue stones were actually critter homes..  The ants were given time to pack their bags and move their eggs to further under ground. The lizards have been given an beforeinvitation to move into the new surrounds just as soon as the mulch is down. So they are not too cranky..  Well except the bullants, they are never happy and we have not been brave enough to move their stones as yet.. But first thing tomorrow morning, that is exactly what I am off to do.. They really need to take the eviction notice seriously.  As for the resident birds, having stones stacked up under their feeder is un-nerving them just a little with only the bravest – hungriest – fattest venturing to see what is on offer.  I will owe them a feast of fruit and seeds once we are done.  I am hoping that the pictures I am taking will do all of this justice. I really do.  I will post some more once I have a finished product to show you all.

This whole thing is about balance and a feeling of peace and relaxation. I do not use it very often but I actually used the “cancer card” to get this item on The List started. But now it is, the motivation in the air is refreshing and I am embracing it fully, as it is a wonderful feeling.  Very quickly it is becoming contagious. Other half completed projects that thought they were safe as they are can see that their time is near and soon it will be their turn to be completed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love holidays and time away, but right now I am feeling wonderful and content just by getting things done around the place and most of all, it is because I am spending time completing all of these things with my very best friend.

You may think that my situation does not relate to anything in your life, well think again..  Are there things that are around the place unfinished, places you would really like to go, people you would like to catch up with.  Are all these things and more always being placed to the back of the cue because of general work and life pressures that demand attention?  Well I suggest to you that it is only you that can make the decision to find the time to do any of those things that are in your background just waiting. You may not have much time available but mark it in your diary in advance if you need to. Allocate that time as if you don’t you will never get there.  It is better to try than to ignore.  Perhaps it is then the peace and balance that you seek will present itself to you.  Remember, change is created one step at a time and it should not rely a major event to kick start the process.

So happy anniversary to me…. and may there be many, many more


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