Quick Update…

I almost forgot..  mmmm how that happened, I will not be able to explain, but there may be some concrete involved !!..

I have indeed been to see my Oncologist and my “numbers” (tumor markers) are down on three months ago.  This means my treatment stays the same and for now zero chemo.. Just a continuance on the evil hormone murdering tablets !!!

In 5 weeks, a blood test and a couple of scans to confirm the previous blood tests..   and as if that is not enough to keep my calendar busy, I am due for a mammogram too and a visit with the breast specialist..  and yes, in case you were wondering you can actually get a new breast cancer in the breast even if you already have advanced..  Who would have thought !!!

Fingers crossed that it is all good after all the poking and prodding and I can just keep on keeping on right through Christmas !!!!

I will take this little bit of news and run with it..  Any good news is extremely welcome 🙂


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