Perfect Start to the day

Today I just really wanted to share the start to my most beautiful day.Beautiful Blue

Today is a warm and sunny day with a bright, happy and totally amazing bright blue sky. There was the tiniest hint of light and wispy white clouds just dancing across the sky and but almost as quickly as they arrived they have disappeared leaving only the perfect blue background.

WaterfallAs I sit on my deck with my two faithful sun seekers Katie and Scrappy, I notice that the only noise that is breaking the silence of this Friday morning is the sound of water as it gently cascades from the small waterfall feature into the pond. It takes the lazy and relaxed path down to the low point and heads to the catchment pond to be filtered and then gently returned to the waterfall.

I sip on my green tea with lemon as I soak up my morning 20 minutes of sunshine and wonder where all the birds are. It is spring and they surely on such a magnificent day should be out in force and darting back and forth completing their daily tasks.  As I extend my gaze to the yard, grass and trees, I see them.  They too are sitting in trees and on the grass just soaking up the sun.  They are very quiet and slightly fluffy. So you just know they are enjoying their morning.  Then all of a sudden, they all begin to move off and start hunting for worms and bugs in the garden. There are magpies, starlings and native minors, all with the same idea of “fooooood”.  The Rainbow Lorikeets are not so worried. Just happy to sit and relax. Oh and there in the far gum tree is a pair of Eastern Rosellas.  Lovely to see them here today as well.

The grass is a vibrant green and the trees have all started to present their new growth to the Spring. The new growth is soft and red and so very delicate. Soon they will grow larger and turn green to match the rest of the plants. Flowers are everywhere and the bees and insects are taking full advantage of the abundance of food they have been presented with so many wattle, bottlebrush and grevillea, sitting side by side with tiny daisies and many flowering ground covers.

Tbees breakfasthe gentle breeze did not want to miss all of this either and has arrived and is just tickling the plants and trees to encourage then to undertake a graceful dance with the blue sky as a wonderful backdrop.

I am so very privileged and count myself very lucky that I am able to stop and take the time to notice all of these wonderful and small things.  They are so very amazing as nature is always surprising and never dull.

As I finish my tea, it is time to begin my morning Tai Chi. I always love doing this but today, with the wonderful extra life, energy and vitality supplied by mother nature around me it will be even more enjoyable.



I hope that today you all get time to stop for just a minute and see the wonders all around you.


4 thoughts on “Perfect Start to the day

  1. Oh sweetheart! What a beautiful tribute to a glorious day! Here in the midwest, we have gloom and rain and cold and gray. Things are turning brown and dying off, leaves are off the trees, grass is no longer green and the beauty of summer is a memory. Plants have been frozen and losing their bid for life. Birds are hiding or have traveled south for the winter. What a gift you have given me, to see summer once again thru your eyes! I love you, honey! ❤


  2. I am always impressed with your way with words. You described your morning so vividly I could have been sitting on the porch with you. I too am enjoying the day that mother nature put on for us today. 🙂


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