A Darker Shade of Pink

Since being diagnosed with Advance Breast Cancer, this is the first editorial that has moved me to my core.

I was never lucky enough to meet Amanda before she passed and that is indeed my loss as online I found her to be a wonderful, smart, funny and passionate lady.

This piece is written by the NBCF (National Breast Cancer Foundation) and it is real and honest and above all shows hope. Hope that there will be an answer, if not now then in the future.  It shows that pink is a vibrant colour that has many shades.

Please, take the time to read this editorial and think of those who have had, are yet to have, are living with and have left us.

Awareness is so very important as I truly believe that early detection and knowledge is our best defence. But it is when it goes past that point and shifts from the breast, these are the ones that step into the unknown.  The place of knowing yet not knowing. The place where the path is different yet the same. Hope is not enough and a cure must be found. If you are thinking of donating to help stop breast cancer, then the NBCF are right in there working towards that very goal.



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