Sleeping Has Seemed Like A Good Idea Lately

I aim towards a blog per week as a minimum and like to find and/or create my TOTD’s. But – yes, there is always a but, I have been a little pre-occupied in the past few weeks.

I have reached the next stage in my treatment. My scan shows only one section in my Left Iliac Crest growing every so slightly in the six months..  I feel that 3mm in 6 months with zero treatment is a pretty good result. There is a question mark of “don’t know” on my 3,4,5 and 6 rib..  cracked or cracked and with visitors.  Because it is unable to be figured out without a PET scan I just wait for now as the monthly blood tests are a great indicator of working or not with the CA15-3 (tumor marker).  Shhh I will let you in on a little secret..  My ribs are feeling better and better each and every day..  The more my cough settles, the better they feel.. So fingers crossed it is just that and not tenants moving in !!.

So new tablets for me called Femara (Letrizole) and is a form of hormone therapy known as an aromatase inhibitor, which works by reducing the amount of oestrogen produced in the bodies of postmenopausal women.  Yep, that’s me – ovary removal will do that to a girl !!

So it appears that there was a community meeting to arrange action by the poor innocent hormones and they are now causing all sorts of mischief as the Femara works its way through my body to exterminate them all. I suppose you could call it collateral damage as they did not do anything at all except feed the breast cancer and stop it from being hungry.

The upside – if this works, together with my continuing transformation towards gaining health, in the near future (fingers and toes crossed) I will have little hormone and cancer corpses floating about in my body

The downside – temporary I hope – fatigue, muscles stiffness, tiredness (first week was insomnia, go figure) and just a little bit of concrete brain.

So I take each and every day as it comes and try to go for a walk each day and do some Tai Chi. I sleep if I need to and just stop and sit when my body demands it..  I am good with it and know that it is all for a reason and slowly but surely I should return to pre-femara levels of movement and activity as my body adjusts.

Every day I work on the “plan” and keep moving towards a balance of living life, moving, eating, thinking and being.  I can only create the best environment for my body and mind to give it the best chance to fix this.  I believe I can and will fix this.

I am very slow getting things done but I will never ever stop.P1nk66 Mascot_LF sml

Well for now that will do. I am working on a couple of articles and hope to have them out soon.


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