Hang On Just A Minute. There Seems To Be A Party Going On

Since reporting earlier in the week that it appeared that Lefty may had presented himself to the last test as Right, (How exactly did he get away with that anyway, they always ask name, address and DOB – boy, he must be good a this !!),
that it may have backfired badly as Righty has been getting all the attention.  mmmm…. I wonder what outcome Lefty really expected ??

Ever since the evil plan backfired, it has been one rowdy and non-stop party down there in the Iliac Crest  apartment. So many unruly teenagers being terribly anti-social that the Supervisor has had to step in and try to quell the noise (there have 1746620-apartment-blockbeen many complaints from neighbouring tenants for the noise to stop). There has been a good dose of hot water canons (soak in the bath), hard labour (lots of stretching and exercise) and some little red parcels (Nurofen) to shut them down.  Unfortunately, with only limited success.

So there will be a re-group of the authorities and the supervisor and a new plan will be hatched to shut down access for the party goers.

They think they are sooooo smart, but you know, they have underestimated the Supervisor (me). I can hack the constant noise (ache) and the tenants will just have to be patient.  The eviction notice has been issued for some time now and they are consistently, ignoring the request – even though most of his friends have all vacated the apartment block.  Maybe it is just their way of going out with a bang LOL..  Well if I eventually had to get the big guns out to kill them off (yes, I admit it, I can be swayed into violent acts against them) it would be death by chemicals or perhaps an even hotter prospect – death by heatwave.

It would not be so bad if they just played some decent music !!!

Stay tuned..


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