Hang on a Minute.. Do I have an Evil Twin Creating Mischief ???

It has been bothering me, just eating away just a little. So I went to the file and got out the previous test reports.. Not one single mention of my Right Iliac Crest in any of the three previous results  of Bone Scan, CT and PET..  I can only assume that somehow it has been swapped..  Maybe Lefty changed sides for the test just to get poor innocent Righty into trouble..  LOL..  But I am confident that indeed I do not have a deposit of cancer that I did not know about and it is indeed the evil twin that has indeed grown.

Who knows, maybe he is not too happy about his increased size. He probably knows that I will now endeavour to not only cut down his food (tasty estrogen and progesterone ) but actually starve him to dead with cute and unassuming little white Femara tablets.

It is no real matter, I was not bothered by the right standing up to be counted in the test as I know it will be shown to be incorrect at the next test in November. But really it is better as I was confused why the left was aching and the right was quiet and minding its own business..

So with that over, I can now re-focus on things that are making the different to me..  Tai Chi, Walking, Swimming (whoo hoo no chemo means I can tackle the pool), food changes, meditation and lots lots more..  It really is a full time job that I have here.

You see, it is hard to keep away from totally but I do not wish for my life to be defined by my cancer. There is just so much to do and discover I am so glad that I have started this blog, writing gets it all out there and my mind is just so active and needs to get it all out and maybe it helps me keep my sanity hehehehehehehehehe

Turtle Power Rules !!!!  —  I will NEVER EVER give up


One thought on “Hang on a Minute.. Do I have an Evil Twin Creating Mischief ???

  1. I will be praying that the tests were wrong about the right iliac crest. And my heart and soul are with yours to give you even more strength to beat this thing, honey!! Love you ❤


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