Results are in !!! Got to be HAPPY With That

Well last night was a bit of a fizzer really. Could not sleep ended up with about 3 hours broken sleep.  Maybe I was like the princess and the pea. Could not get comfortable at all. Or perhaps it was more like trying yoga from the comfort of my bed. Doesn’t matter because it not work and I spent the majority of my night poking around the internet.

I could not decide if I was worried or excited or maybe just a little of both. I just wanted to get in there and find out so I could get my plan moving again.  Whoops, that must be the control freak in me sneaking up to the surface for just a while !!!

I took my hubby for support and a second pair of ears and I am very lucky, my Oncologist is very deliberate and careful with her words and explains every single little thing to you that you need to know (and sometimes a few things you could get away with not knowing  hehehehe). So through the tests we go.

  • My CA15-3 test has gone up to 46 from 30. So activity is still there. But many things can elevate those numbers so monthly blood tests will now tell the truth. But really, it is a safe bet that I still have tenants that have not taken notice of the eviction notice they have been served.
  • We then slowly go through all the known areas of my bones that the rowdy tenants have been living in and each one showed no increased activity and nothing new to report at all..  If you were a cancer cell looking for a place to party then so far this report advises that my body is a pretty boring place to live. So far, so good and then “the” word – you always know it is coming, why, because cancer is like that……… ‘but’………  yes, ‘but’……..  we all had a little laugh right then because we all knew that there is always a but.It seems that my right iliac crest – hang on I say – right?, don’t you mean left?   “mmm. no” she replies, “right has increased from 7mm to 10mm”.  Well you could have knocked me over with a feather, had not seen that referred to in any of the previous test results but it must have been there as they could hardly know that it had grown by 3mm if it was not there before.But it does not bother me at all ever, and never hurts. Not like it’s twin the left iliac. Ever since the CT contrast had been injected had been burning and whingeing and complaining at me all the time (apparently that is not uncommon as it turns out) but what a wimp. It does not have active cancer and cries all day after little test and yet the right says nothing. Well who would have thought.
  • Next huge bonus – my left lung. You see I have a crazy and consistent cough that just refuses to leave so I have always been thinking about the underlying issue of calcification from previous nasty chest infections and the cancer that moved in there a while ago.  Well totally zero movement in there either and no new lesions.  Not even a “what if spot” to watch..  So evil cough, you may be having fun cracking my ribs but your days are numbered. I will figure you out and banish you too.
  • The problem with a CT scan is it is indeed still in black and white and it is not very good at the “gray” areas. They have totally no idea why I keep on cracking my ribs, so they suggest it may be the disease. But they are only suggesting and don’t really know. If they heard me cough there would be a different line of thought going on. There is a gray area but they have even less of an idea apart from it was not evident last scan and cannot suggest why it is there. So it is not unless they can prove it one way or the other. I say this because my first CT said that so much was wrong with me and lots and lots of it was nothing of the kind and the PET sorted out the chalk from the cheese.

So for now, it is Femara (hormone killing tabs) to stop the cancer from eating. Yep, starving it out of the tenancy.  Good plan !!!!  Blood tests each month and if those numbers do not stabilize and continue up then back for a new plan of attack.

All things considered I am pretty happy today. I have secondary cancer but I am knocking it off, one bit at a time.  You see Turtle Power RULES !!!  I may be slow but I will NEVER GIVE UP  🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh and that means an appointment with my hairdresser because my hair is not going anywhere anytime soon so colour me up !!!!
Sorry it is so long but there was just so much to fit in 😉


6 thoughts on “Results are in !!! Got to be HAPPY With That

  1. Oh yes!! Good results, Sharon, better than you feared, I know!! And yes, you WILL evict the buggers and get the results you are seeking! Just keep it up, lots of positive thoughts and yes, maybe a little pill for back-up.


  2. This kind of reminds me of dealing with kids who never clean their rooms. You have to keep on them every day. Little by little, they put things away and throw out more trash. But if you stay on it, they eventually get the message! So this is the same thing, only completely different and on a larger scale. Hmmm. I think my analogy went astray somewhere. But I know you know what I mean! I am glad for you! And yes…we need to know what color. I vote for red as well. Because then we’d be twinsies. 🙂


  3. Hi Sharon, I would love to talk with you about doing a story line on the Stand By You website. The foundation is not just about raising funds for people living with cancer. It is about the value of relationships, people’s stories and how we are all connected allowing compassion to flow to each other. In wellness. CiCi x


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